"Let us resolve that young Americans will always find there is a city of hope in a country that is free...and let us resolve that they will say of our day and our generation, we did keep faith with our God, that we did act worthy of ourselves, that we did protect and pass on lovingly that shining city on a hill."

Ronald Reagan,
40th President of the United State

Monday, March 23, 2015

What The Ted Cruz Candidacy Means

Cruz Announces: RINO hunting season begins...
Texas Senator Ted Cruz formally announced his campaign for the presidency today.  And that's a good thing for conservatism.

The GOP primary looks to be a gaggle of RINOS, big government conservatives, social conservatives, and tea party candidates racing toward what they see as a great shot at capturing the White House after 8 abysmal years of a malicious dictator.

A Ted Cruz candidacy means that there will be at least one fighter in the race.  Cruz has been one of the few potential candidates that I could get behind enthusiastically--Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal being 2 others.

It's too early for me to sign on with a particular campaign as I'd still like to see what Palin does, but I've been very impressed with Mr. Cruz's rollout today.  His speech was magnificent, his message coherent and his passion was palpable.

He is the real deal.

Ted Cruz called for the abolition of the IRS, the enactment of a flat tax, the repeal of Obamacare, a stronger foreign policy that stands with Israel and recognizes the threat of radical Islam, and a reigniting of America's greatness.  He cited his own personal story and explained the important role Christianity has played in his own life and in the life of our nation.  His call was a clarion call to return to the Judeo-Christian constitutional governance that DC has long discarded in favor of micro-managing incompetent socialism.

Cruz spoke with clarity, conviction and passion for common sense constitutional conservatism that no presidential candidate since Reagan has achieved.

And he has a record of standing up to fight, not just against the leftist media and Democrat opposition, but against the corrupt leadership of his own party.

That is something that we sorely need.  It's not enough to have someone who will tell us what we want to hear when in the comfort of a rally.  We need a leader who will, as Sarah Palin stated in 2008, not go to DC to win their approval, but to represent WE The People.

Very few potential candidates have demonstrated an ability to do that.  Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham and Chris Christie have demonstrated that they are the polar opposite of that.  They would rather take on conservatives than win them over.  Candidates like Walker, Carson, Santorum, Huckabee, Rubio, and Perry have all fallen short on various issues, been manipulated by party masters on core issues, and/or had a hard time advocating conservatism across the board.  And that is worrisome.  We cannot and we will not turn this American ship around with the leadership of another Bush or Ford.  We need a Reagan.  And we need that Reagan desperately.

Cruz potentially could be a Reagan.

A good start for Cruz means good things for the constitution, for liberty and for America.

But how does it impact the race?

In my view, Cruz will ascend to the top tier of candidates.  His early entry will damage Texas Governor Rick Perry, as Cruz will pull support from Perry in Texas and weaken his ability to compete.  The last time Perry went against Cruz was during Cruz's senate primary run and Perry lost--badly.  So Perry will now have to get in sooner rather than later.

Social conservatives like Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and Rick Santorum were also damaged severely by Cruz's early entrance.  Their appeal to evangelical conservatives will now drop somewhat as at least some of that base looks at Cruz.  Unlike the big government conservatism of Santorum and Huckabee and the nebulous political agenda of Carson, Cruz is a full-spectrum conservative and a good number of evangelicals will identify with his personal testimony and opt for a full-spectrum conservative instead of the well-intentioned good men of Carson, Santorum and Huckabee, who won't have what it takes to tackle the $18 trillion debt.

Cruz's entry and connection to the anniversary of Patrick Henry's famous speech calling for "liberty or death" will also impact libertarian GOP Senator Rand Paul's support.  Paul is great on issues of liberty and attracts a good amount of support for that record.  His foreign policy makes him a non-starter with many in the conservative movement as he seems insufficiently supportive of Israel and naive in the belief that isolationism is a winning strategy in 2015.

His early entry will also stop the Walker juggernaut.  The ongoing narrative over the last few weeks was how well Walker was playing and how strong his polling had become.  The reality, however, is that Walker lacks in several areas of conservative doctrine--among them amnesty, and common core.  He's also scheduled to address the Chamber of Commerce--a hotbed of crony capitalism, which is sending up red flags for those of us who would like a candidate who would fight crony capitalism.  The chamber of commerce is also a big fan of common core.

What remains to be seen is how Cruz will hold up as a candidate.  A good start does not always mean a good campaign, amiright Rick Perry? To be fair, he doesn't have executive experience.  He's only a little more experienced as a senator than Barack Obama was in 2007.  While I usually prefer leaders with executive experience, I realize that Abraham Lincoln was only a one-term congressman before running for president.  In 2016, my preference is for a fighter.  If I have to choose between the executive experience of Bush or Christie or the raw political courage and leadership of Cruz, I will pick Cruz every time.

Some names may opt not to run now that Cruz has made his stand.  Others will scramble to catch up. Jeb Bush and his crony capitalist ruling class political machine will begin their scorched-earth campaign against Cruz and any principled conservatives that may dare oppose his coronation.

Still remaining to be seen is how former Governor Sarah Palin will react to this candidacy.  Cruz and Palin are political soulmates and she will now face a choice--jump in and offer another voice and fighter against the ruling class in the party and in the media, or unite together. I suspect that Palin is already working toward her own plan for 2016, whatever that may be.  I also suspect that win or lose, Palin and Cruz will work together to ensure that the nomination for the GOP in 2016 goes to a true conservative and not another useless RINO.

There are miles and miles to go before Iowa.  How this will play out remains to be seen.  Today's announcement by Ted Cruz, however, is a positive one for our movement and for our nation.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

GAME ON? #ThatWoman Sarah Palin "Seriously Interested in 2016"

Palin's 2011 Iowa speech shows what a 2016 run would be like...
Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has told the Washington Post that she is "seriously interested" in running for president in 2016.  Palin is in Iowa today to speak to the Iowa Freedom Summit where a number of potential 2016 candidates will be addressing folks in this important first caucus state.  Most of the media has ignored this as a sign that she might be interested in running, but it says something that she opted to join this event.

The media will dismiss her as a sideshow and insist she's just trying to get attention.  Palin famously flirted with the idea of running for president for the entire year of 2011 until ultimately opting out of the race in October.  She often spoke of "fire in the belly" and "open doors" for her to walk through leading many to believe that she was certain to take the presidential plunge.  I certainly was one of those folks who was convinced that she was running.

Something changed for Palin in fall of 2011 and she abandoned the idea of running.  Many of us were crushed and never really found another candidate to unite behind.

It could well be that Palin is just keeping her options open, but her actions and statements in the last few weeks have been more indicative of a potential candidacy than any time since the summer of 2011.  The 2016 race looks to be a crowded one, and Palin would do well to clarify her intentions one way or the other sooner rather than later.  She will not have the luxury of waiting until the last minute this time around.

For those that write off her chances, I would simply say that they aren't paying attention.  There is no doubt that Palin's reputation has taken a hit after years of media attacks.  However, when one looks to the raw political talent that she demonstrated in her races thus far, it is not impossible to believe that Palin would be able to claw back to the top of the heap.  The idea of Palin running her own national campaign would be a game-changer.

She is a tenacious campaigner, a fearless politician and one who doesn't take orders from the corrupt GOP party leadership or money folks.  She will call out both sides as she makes her case and in so doing change a lot of hearts and minds.  Expectations for Palin are so low that she will shock many Americans who confuse Tina Fey with the real deal.  As more Americans get to see the true Palin, the race for 2016 will dramatically change.  Having seen Palin's reception at CPAC firsthand, I can attest to the woman's rock star appeal.  The base loves her.  The only thing that she needs to do is convince people that she can be taken seriously.  And that is something she will be able to do with her masterful speech-giving at high profile events like today's summit in Iowa, a possible appearance at CPAC, and a speaking engagement over in the UK at Cambridge University.

For someone wondering what a Palin campaign might look and sound like, they would do well to watch this video of her speech in Iowa in 2011.   Her campaign would be a full-throated endorsement of free market capitalism, main street America and the "forgotten" working folks.  She would speak for those who are not well connected to the ruling class elite in both parties.  She would take on corruption in both parties, skewer the permanent political class, and make a priority of ending crony capitalism.  She would also vigorously pursue constitutional government in a  field of quasi-statists.

At this point, there is no certainty that Palin will opt to run.  The fact that she is seriously interested in doing so is a promising sign that this race is about to get very interesting indeed.

It should be noted that while I am a supporter of Governor Palin, I do not pretend to know what she intends to do, nor will I be surprised if she runs or if she opts not to.  I do believe that whether she runs or not, she intends to play a larger role in 2016 than in 2012.  I will support her in whatever decision she makes.  As she put it herself when disappointed supporters lashed out at her decision not to run in 2011, if we trust her to lead the nation, we should trust her to make decisions that are best for her own family.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obama SOTU: Not Even Worth Addressing

Obama's SOTU in a nutshell...
Barack Obama's state of the union speech was what you would expect--at least according to the reviews that I read.  I didn't watch the speech and I have no intention of doing so.

Barack Obama is who he has always been.  He is a petty, narcissistic radical ideologue who refuses to work with anyone unless they submit to him.  He views his radical anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian agenda as sacrosanct regardless of election results.  He doesn't feel that he answers to anyone and will never compromise. He also refuses to engage in reality and continues to view the nation and the world through the prism of his particular ideological bent. As the world burns in flames set by radical Islamic terrorists, Mr. Obama sees only praiseworthy peace adherents in that religion.  In a nation with 18 trillion in debt, Mr. Obama sees an opportunity to give away more free stuff.  In a nation with a crumbling healthcare system, Mr. Obama seeks adulation for his efforts to crush that system under the guise of helping people.  And finally, in a world of dangerous ongoing threats, Mr. Obama sees the wisdom in diminishing America's standing in the world and slashing our military budget.

So, instead of dissecting his narcissistic claim that he doesn't have another election to face because "he won them both" or dealing with the endless references to himself that he peppers his speeches with, or any of the other ideological rage, I will simply allow the photo recap of his speech to suffice.

It is both comforting and unnerving to realize that there are 2 years left of the Obama menace.  While it is comforting that a new president will be in office 2 years from now, given the rapid pace with which Obama dismantles the nation, one has to realistically question if America as we know it has two years left to hang on until new leadership can take over.

We can only hope that a real leader will emerge from the gaggle of candidates planning a 2016 run to lead America back to the way of common sense, Constitutional governance, and personal liberty.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Obama's Two Reasons for Snubbing Paris Rally

The world sans the US, stands against Islamic terror...
Much has been made about the unity rally in Paris and the lack of a notable attendee representing the United States.  The rally was both a bold and strategically dangerous display of world leaders out in the open demonstrating that they stood in opposition to the Islamic terrorists hellbent on killing all the infidels around the world and ending western civilization.  It was an impressive statement by brave leaders such as Benjamin  Netanyahu and Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Notably absent:  President Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm).

Now, sure, we sent our ambassador.  I have no idea what her name even is, but I'm sure she's a doll.  She probably raised a lot of money for the president's various campaigns.  We briefly entertained the idea that Attorney General Eric Holder attended the event, but then we realized that he was already in France for another event and simply photo bombed in the leadership photo op and left before the event took place.

To be fair, the president was very busy.  His schedule was empty and he had football to watch at home.

The reality of Obama's absence is that it is completely consistent with his worldview.  His absence from this event helps to underscore and further his agenda in two very important ways.

The first main reason why Obama opted to flip the bird to our allies is that by showing up, Mr. Obama would be acknowledging that Islamic terror exists and is an existential threat to our society.  This is the same man who inexplicably went to bed instead of monitoring a savage assault on our embassy in Benghazi.  While our ambassador was dragged into the streets and brutally murdered, Mr. Obama caught some Z's and then hopped on a plane for a fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay-Z.  He or one of his high-level designees, also gave the "stand down" order to those forces in the area who were ready, willing and able to step in and save our fellow citizens so as not to endanger his political meme that he had ended Islamic terror.

This is the same Obama who used his first international trip as president to give a speech in Cairo in 2009 to absurdly praise Muslims for their great contributions to America by specifically highlighting the 1796 Treaty of Tripoli as the Muslim world taking a great step of acknowledging our fledgling nation.  This despite the fact that the treaty was a blackmail agreement between Muslim pirates and the Adams administration where the US agreed to pay ransom so that our ships and merchants would stop getting attacked and sold into slavery by the Barbary pirates.

This is the same Obama who calls the war on terror on foreign soil "overseas contingency operations" and the Islamic Fort Hood massacre "workplace violence."

This is the same president who callously ran for re-election in 2012 on the premise that GM was alive and Al Qaeda was dead despite ongoing slaughter of Americans abroad including the aforementioned slaughter in Benghazi in September of that year.  Oh, and who later told us that ISIS was a JV team and not a threat to anyone.

This is the same president who took to the podium at the UN to declare that the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Allah as though the western world was the one conducting a bloody religious war upon Islam and not the other way around.

And finally, this is the president who takes every opportunity that he can to trash Israel and draw a moral equivalence between a democracy that is defending its people from terrorism and a people who elect terrorists to govern them and who would rather endanger their own children if it meant killing more Jews.

To stand with France during this display of unity against Islamic terror would be to acknowledge that such terror exists and President Barack Hussein Obama is simply incapable of doing so.  He has demonstrated time and time again that he will manipulate reality, reason and contort the facts to provide a rosy view of Islam, while smearing Americans that he doesn't agree with.  To Obama, Islam is truly a religion of peace and there is no such thing as rampant Islamic terrorism.

Another reason that Mr. Obama opted to be a no-show at the rally was his view of America on the international stage.  Mr. Obama takes after the anti-imperial mentality of his socialist African father and believes that America is more often than not, a force for evil in the world.  Mr. Obama's agenda has always been about reducing America's standing in the world so that some sort of balance can be restored where all are equal and no individual nation has too much power.  The optic of world leaders standing tall without the assistance of the United States would help to fulfill Obama's global vision of a weakened America that knows her place is in the background.

This is why he has demonstrated time and time again that his version of negotiating with our enemies is to give everything away and get nothing in return.  See his normalization of relations with Cuba.  Sure, some might argue that the United States normalized relations with Vietnam and China and such.  And we did.  But in each case, America negotiated some gain in those normalizations.  Mr. Obama simply said, "meh, Cuba's fine."

This is also why Mr. Obama has weakened our military might to the lowest level since before World War II despite the increasingly volatile state of the world.

Make no mistake, the administration can hem and haw and pretend to be apologetic about not having a high profile representative at the unity rally, but the reality is that this was intentional.  Mr. Obama has demonstrating that above all else, he possesses the ability to live in his own delusional world where facts are no longer true if he wishes them not to be.  In the Obama world, Islam is always peaceful and America needs to diminish her standing in the world.  Those priorities are sacrosanct to the Obama administration.  They must be upheld at the expense of our allies and indeed our own citizens if need be.

Behold the glorious hope and change of leading from behind.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

As Boehner Ascends, A Conservative Exodus Begins

Power at all costs: Boehner retains his throne of corruption
Today, corrupt slimeball John Boehner was re-elected to his lofty perch as Speaker of the House, which is slang for "defender and golf buddy of Barack Obama."  As he devolved into tears over another 2 years of protecting the president's agenda, vast numbers of grassroots conservatives began scrambling for the exit.

Fifty years ago, speaking about the cold war, Ronald Reagan said of the desire for appeasement to the communists, "If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand—the ultimatum. And what then?"  What then, indeed.  Ronald Reagan understood the need to stand your ground.  Today's GOP would rather get on their knees in submission in hopes that the perks and kickbacks will continue.

No longer interested in the "big tent" of the GOP, the establishment has time and time again chosen to purge conservatives and conservatism while embracing corruption on a level that only a Democrat could love.

Conservatives in the House of Representatives sold out the grassroots base for their 30 pieces of silver and whatever bones Boehner decided to throw their way.  They didn't want to be ostracized and marginalized by the mighty and tanned John Boehner.

News flash:  John Boehner didn't give you your temporary position of power--the people did.  Despite the fact that over 60% of the GOP voting populace that thrust the GOP into an historic victory in November wants the lachrymose Boehner to exit stage left, these political animals allowed themselves to be tamed into submission.

I get it.  There is a political game to play and the party controls who gets chairmanships and such.  Sure.  Great.  Grand.

The question that WE THE PEOPLE can't seem to answer is what point is there in power and prestige if you have to throw your principles away?  John Boehner has no interest in advancing even a smidgen of conservatism.  He and Mitch "crush the tea party" McConnell go out of their way to destroy up-and-coming conservatives, thwart the conservative agenda and coddle the status quo of crony capitalism at every turn.

Again, fine.  There's a game to play.  As a simpleton forgotten man out here in nowhere-ville with no lofty connections to the hallowed halls of government, I realize that I'm stupid and unimportant--and thus, my opinion doesn't matter.

I'm just saying in my stupid social circles, we would stop playing a game that was rigged against us.  We'd abandon an exercise in futility.  If I was playing tennis, for example, with a racket that had nothing but a hole where the mesh netting should be, I wouldn't stay on the court and keep swinging.  It would be a game rigged against me.  My frantic attempts to swat my racket at an ever-elusive ball would never get me anywhere.  There would be no point in continuing.  Is the prestige of being on the tennis court so worth protecting that you are willing to lose your game over and over again?  Good people across the country would say no.  The ruling class in the GOP and the Democratic party would say yes.  And that's the difference.

In essence, that is what the Republican party wishes to do.  It has no interest in fighting for principles or listening to the voters.  It cynically believes that we will just keep voting for them as a lesser of the two evils because even though they are terrible the Democrats are worse.

That is no longer the case.  The Republican party has become a full-time partner in corruption.  It's no longer worth playing a rigged game.  It's time to change the game.

We the People are not inspired by process and procedure.  So many of these timid and submissive Republicans cited the rules in their vote to support Boehner.  "I don't support Boehner, but I feel bad because nobody put their name in a month ago" each would say before breaking into Boehner-like sobbing.

I don't care for politicians playing political games while the nation crumbles into a socialist morass.

John Boehner and his pals have made it clear that there is no longer a place for conservatives in this party.  Although I will continue to support specific candidates who are Republicans, such as Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Steve King, Mike Lee, etc.  I will no longer support the Republican party.

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell reported to Breitbart that a full 1/3 of Republican voters were hanging by a thread from bolting from the party.  I was one of them.  After Boehner's victory today, I'm gone.

Today I will fill out the form to change my voter registration from a Republican to an unaffiliated voter.  I have been a Republican my entire life.  That changes now.  I refuse to play the Boehner game of submission, subversiveness and surrender.

It's time to accept that the distinction is no longer Republican vs. Democrat.  It's ruling class vs. everyone else.

I will no longer vote for any Republican who doesn't personally earn my support by demonstrating independent conservatism capped with personal integrity.  And if the party should nominate such a candidate for president in 2016, I will gladly return to the fold.

For now, the GOP can have their cherished tanned tool John Boehner and their inane political gaming and scheming.  They may feel entitled to their power and prestige, but they are not entitled to my support.  I choose freedom and independence over serfdom to a ruling class elite that values party over principle.  As these sycophantic stooges returned John Boehner to his throne, they may have inadvertently birthed a rebellion in their own party or perhaps (gasp!) a new political party.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gohmert for Speaker

Gohmert promises more backbone as Speaker
I will make this brief. John Boehner has been a smug, elitist disaster as a leader.  He ran the GOP into the ground in the early 2000s and yet the party continues to retain the tanned and tearful double-dealing politician as their leader.

Boehner has no core convictions, he is about as likable as stinkbugs, and he has shown time and time again outright disdain for conservatives.  It's not about ideological purity, although I don't think it's ridiculous to insist that the leader of the party at least stand for the planks of the party platform.  It's about integrity and leadership.  Under John Boehner's "leadership" the federal government has failed to pass a fiscal budget in 6 years.  Under his leadership, the federal debt has ballooned to nearly 18 trillion dollars despite the House of Representatives having the "power of the purse" to stop runaway spending.  Boehner has cut private deals with Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama on amnesty, and spending bill after spending bill.  His most recent masterpiece of "Cromnibus" funded both amnesty and Obamacare and was shoved through in the blinding glare of the holiday season.  Members didn't even have the time necessary to read the massive bill before voting.  But no matter, because Mr. Boehner demanded their sycophancy and he got it.

Mr. Boehner's definition of leadership is to attack his own party when they stand up for the very principles that he campaigns on, but to effusively praise Barack Obama every chance he gets.  Sometimes he gets all feisty and such and claims that Obama's lawless actions aren't going to stand.  And then he attacks conservatives for trying to stop Obama and "compromises" with the president so that he can get his emperor-like way.

On that note, I don't think the word "compromise" means what Mr. Boehner thinks it does.  In his world, it means that you give up everything you are fighting for to the other side and make sure that the other side gets everything they want.  Then you sell that load of crap to your party while promising that at some later time in the far-off future, you will fight this fight.  Because, you know, if you did fight it now, despite campaigning on the promise that you would fight it, you would make the American people made or something.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and their lieutenants represent the absolute worst in American politics.  We can and must do better in selecting our leadership.

I don't know much about Mr. Gohmert, but he is one of the more conservative members in congress with a conservative rating on most sites of somewhere in the 70s-80s percent range.  His move to expose the corruption of the party leadership and willingness to stand against a very vengeful politician who feels entitled to his ruling class position demonstrates tremendous political courage.

I fully support Representative Louie Gohmert for Speaker of the House of Representatives.

For more on the actual facts of how the speaker is elected, please visit the Heritage informational page.  You can find that by clicking here.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Game Change Vs. Game Player

It's time to stand up to the ruling class and change the game.
As the players in the battle for 2016 begin taking the field this month, it's important to seriously contemplate what kind of candidate that the GOP should nominate.  Whatever your political stripe, there is no denying that since Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984, the GOP candidates have generally not been up to the challenge of winning hearts and minds to the conservative cause.  Since Reagan left the scene, only George H.W. Bush in 1988 was able to win in another landslide election and that was largely due to his presence as Reagan's Vice President for 8 years.

Four years later, after Bush had the opportunity to govern in a kinder and gentler manner, the American people ousted him in favor of Bill Clinton.  (Insert your " was Ross Perot's fault" protestations here, but remember that had Bush governed as a conservative instead of drifting to the middle left, Perot likely would not have run or had the following that he amassed in 1992.)

Since then Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney, all had the establishment seal of approval and went on to decisive losses on election day.  George W. Bush managed to electorally avenge his father, but remember that he lost the popular vote to sighing maniac Al Gore in 2000 and won in 2004 over JOHN KERRY by a small margin.  (Anyone running against the elitist kept man/grifter John Kerry should have won in a landslide.)

The 2016 race will be one that is more than just a quest for ideological purity, although that's how the media will depict our goal.  It is certainly non-negotiable that our candidate be of the BOLD COLORS unashamed common sense conservatism of Ronald Reagan for sure, but there are other traits to insist upon as well.

Conservative commentator Jedediah Bila has a great checklist up of what she's looking for in a candidate that is a good start for 2016.  Of particular note is the need to have someone who is dynamic and has the "star appeal" of a Reagan.  Like it or not, this is the age of social media stars and personality driven marketing.  The GOP can pretend they are above that and lose again or they can embrace it and use the full power of social media to win the argument.  There are very few GOP politicians that understand the importance and power of social media and infiltrating popular culture to begin winning hearts and minds.  (They would do very well to consult Sarah Palin about this.)

Ronald Reagan would always shy away from praise about his great communication by pointing out that he was conveying great ideas and that those ideas appealed to Americans.  That is true and that is partially why Ford, Dole, McCain, Romney all fell short.  They didn't have a great idea.  They dabbled in "severe conservatism" when the moment was right, but they hadn't learned it by heart the way that Reagan did.  Reagan sold the great ideas because he was a passionate and whole-hearted adherent to them.   He was genuine.  He also connected with the American people on a level most politicians dream of.  He oozed likability and charm.  As a crash course, see the most epic debate moment of all time where even his opponent Walter Mondale can't help but laugh:

So likability is one vital trait that is needed, but the most important trait needed in a 2016 candidate is whether the candidate is a GAME-PLAYER or a GAME-CHANGER.

Politics are cynical and scandalous and horrifically corrupted.  The cynical among us would say that they always have been, and to some degree that's true.  But the entrenched political class in DC has spent the last century raising corruption to an art form.  While the rest of the country suffers in the malaise of the grand Obama socialism experiment that has led to 18 trillion in debt and the worst long-term unemployment crisis since the Great Depression, the permanent political class that dominates both parties in Washington, D.C. is living large on the public dole.  In fact, 7 of the nation's 10 most affluent counties are in the D.C. area.

Through the current politics as usual approach, men and women of modest means leave Washington after a few years with wealth beyond measure--all in the name of service.

We're supposed to accept that and just roll over and play the game.  The problem is that neither party now represents the people.  Both parties represent their own brand of special interests or corporatist masters rather than the people they were elected to represent.   Corporations are too big to fail and obscene amounts of money funnel from the government to corporations or special interest groups in the name of stimulating the economy.  That money then cycles back to political campaigns ensuring that the circle of graft will continue.  The free market no longer determines winners or losers.  Businesses no longer stand on the merit of their idea and the zeal of their work ethic.  It's the well-connected elites that manage to avoid the oppressive government taxation and regulation in order to grease the skids for their own largesse.

A good conservative should be about free markets, not rigged ones.  A good conservative should not merely reject a government overlord micromanaging the public by simply outsourcing that job to private corporations.  A good conservative should be about personal liberty and limited CONSTITUTIONAL government even if that might hurt his or her own bottom line and/or standing within their party hierarchy.  A good conservative should hold folks accountable regardless of what party they are in.  In short, a good conservative should be about advancing ideals and not playing a political game.

In 2016 it will not be enough to elect a candidate who hits the right conservative notes on the trail.  It is imperative that the party select a leader who refuses to play the game.  The moment has come for a dynamic leader who would rather be a game changer than just another player in the sad saga of crony capitalism.

A strong candidate for 2016 should call for constitutional amendments for term limits for members of congress as well as legal restrictions on lobbying careers for those who opt to serve in government.  They should also propose a radical approach to tax law as it relates to businesses and individuals in order to unshackle the free market and relieve the American people from an oppressive tax burden.  They should also re-assert America's military might and vigorously enhance our national security.

A strong candidate will call out corruption in both parties and truly represent the people.

Yes, Jeb Bush knows how the game is played and he will play his part in the crony capitalist political class masterpiece well.  That's not going to stop an 18 trillion dollar debt or a lawless federal government that usurps more and more of our individual rights.  An approach of an establishment candidate like Bush or Christie would differ very slightly from a Clinton or Warren presidency in results, while sounding a lot different in words.  There would be a lot of sound and fury about rule of law and government spending, but there would really only be a slacking of the pace in the US lurch toward socialism and self-destruction.

The voters of the GOP primary need to decide if they want to continue to play this game or if they want to rally behind someone willing to change the game.  This game is the slow strangulation of our republic by an immoral and corrupt ruling class that is seemingly invincible.  This is a turning point.  It will take another Reagan to stop America's current path to national suicide.

As the candidates take the field, one would do well to evaluate how independent each of them has been.  Do they demonstrate an ability to take ACTION for what is right even when their party loses its way and browbeats members to fall in line in maintaining the status quo because "that's how it has always been done?"  Do they go beyond lip service in standing up for, introducing and voting for measures that would restore constitutional government?  Do they call out their hapless leaders when they fail to do so?

We would do well to remind ourselves that we are not electing a "yes" man or woman.  We are not electing a party cheerleader.  We are electing the next leader of the "free" world.  The man or woman who will best fight for the forgotten man that is so often tossed under the political bus by an entrenched political class whose political gluttony and narcissism knows no bounds.

America needs leaders who will upend the permanent political class in Washington and change the game.  It's time to derail the crony capitalist gravy train and restore our government of the people, by the people and for the people before it's too late.  2016 is not just another political game.

God Bless America

God Bless America
God Bless America

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City On A Hill Political Observer Supports Israel
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